Big Data for Infectious Diseases Surveillance and the Potential Contribution to the Investigation of Foodborne Disease in Canada

Recognizing the potential of big data as “an untapped resource of evidence that may be used to inform policy and decision making”, NCCID commissioned a background paper to initiate discussion among Canadian public health professionals. The primary objective was to examine the potential for big data to inform public health policy for infectious disease management in Canada.


What can Big Data do for Public Health?

REGISTRATION CLOSED A copy of this webinar is available upon request. Please contact NCCID Project Manager Margaret Haworth-Brockman to learn more, or get in touch with our Centre via our general inbox. Date: May 17, 2017 Description New information was presented on the potential contributions of big data for infectious diseases surveillance and the investigation of…

IQ1: Zika Virus and pregnant travellers

APRIL 2016: apx. 9 min. | Our first run of the Infectious Questions podcast focuses on an emerging infection very prominent in the media: Zika virus. In this episode, our guest advises public health practitioners on how they might respond to the question of whether someone who’s pregnant ought to cancel any planned travel to Zika-affected areas. The response includes a discussion as to what the risks are and people’s perceptions of the risk.