WEBINAR / What can Big Data do for Public Health?

MAY 17, 2017

New information was presented on the potential contributions of big data for infectious diseases surveillance and the investigation of foodborne outbreaks in Canada. Recognizing the potential for big data as a resource for public health planning and decision-making, NCCID commissioned a summary of evidence with the objectives of:

  1. Understanding big data resources related to infectious diseases surveillance;
  2. Exploring options and challenges in visualizing and analyzing the resulting information; and
  3. Highlighting examples of how big data have been applied to foodborne illnesses.

In this presentation, Dr. Cheryl Waldner, DVM, PhD (University of Saskatchewan) gave an overview of big data, its opportunities and limitations for public health, and describe examples related to foodborne illnesses.

An archived version of this webinar is now available for viewing. Please email Margaret Haworth-Brockman, NCCID Senior Program Manager, for access.