Aedes aegypti

NEW | A Short Review of Literature on the Effects of Climate Change on Mosquito-Borne Illnesses in Canada

Consequences of climate change include a change in the distribution, habitat and geographic range of mosquito vectors known to transmit disease, potentially putting Canadians at risk. This short review of the available literature informs public health practitioners and planners of the anticipated effects of climate change on select mosquito-borne disease in humans.


As global attention to Zika virus intensifies, NCCID has developed this Quick Links resource for Canadian public health professionals, including key leaders and sources in infectious disease prevention, control and knowledge.

Burden of Disease Concept Paper_ENG
| More than just numbers: Exploring the concept of “burden of disease”

BACKGROUNDER on common concepts and measures of disease burden used in population and public health. It also reflects on emerging interpretations of disease burden and suggests questions that might be asked of those writing and speaking about burden of disease.


 Thinking about burden of disease with equity in mind

 Framing Burden: Towards a new framework for measuring burden of disease in Canada


This collaborative calendar lists upcoming events from across the National Collaborating Centres.


Glossary of Terms for Infectious Disease Modelling: A Proposal for Consistent Language

A glossary of terms with their definitions that can be used to conceptualize and parameterize models consistent with those applied in public health, epidemiology, and clinical settings related to infectious diseases.


LISTEN | Infectious Questions Podcast

A public health podcast produced by NCCID, Infectious Questions connects those with infectious disease questions to those with the answers. Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher and SoundCloud.