Mathematical Modelling in Public Health


A mathematical model is a virtual experiment set up to test a hypothesis. It creates a controlled environment where complex relationships between biological, environmental, demographic and behavioural factors can be represented.

For public health, mathematical models can be used to test different “what if” scenarios and the results can help inform policy, programs and practice.

NCCID has released two new resources about modelling and public health. A new video, a partnership with NCCMT, introduces public health to modelling. As a companion piece, NCCID developed a case study of a Promising Practice of a collaboration between public health in Winnipeg and modelers in Toronto, to assess the benefits of new interventions to reduce syphilis infections in Winnipeg.

Acknowledgements: We wish to thank Dr. Sharmistha Mishra and students Estefanía Ruiz Vargas and Howsikan Kugathasan for their assistance in developing the video script. Produced by Latitude Agency.