Community-Acquired Antimicrobial Resistance: Consultation Notes

Publication Summary

In February 2010, NCCID hosted a knowledge exchange consultation on caAMR. The consultation focused on population-level interventions to reduce the development of antimicrobial resistance and the spread of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria in community settings. The objectives were to:

• Expand understanding of the Canadian situation with respect to caAMR, including its known epidemiology and current interventions to reduce risk and transmission

• Identify and prioritize strategies for addressing caAMR in Canada

• Clarify NCCID’s role in contributing to the reduction of caAMR in Canada

• Provide opportunities for meaningful collaboration between human, animal, and environmental health experts and authorities

• Provide a venue for the exchange of national and international expertise

Fifty experts from the human, animal, and environmental health fields attended the consultation to share their experience and expertise in caAMR. Participants represented all areas of Canada, as well as the United States and European Union (see Appendix 1).