mod4PH – NCCID’s Modelling Network focusing on COVID19

How to join mod4PH on LinkedIn

NCCID and partners at York University launch new discussions on modelling research to inform public health responses to COVID-19.

We ask new and returning forum members to share and support the interpretation of this fast-growing body of research, identify skilled modellers for collaboration and bring the most pressing public health questions to the forefront of discussions.

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What is the mod4PH Forum?

mod4PH is a discussion forum and virtual meeting place for public health and mathematical modellers. Members promote the use of modelling research in public health decision-making for infectious disease prevention and control. Group members collaborate to improve the relevance of modelling – Modelling has proven its value for infectious disease control. It provides a cost-effective and efficient tool to assess optimal public health interventions where issues are complex and resources are scarce. Decision makers recognize its value for guiding public health in times of crisis. Group members collaborate to improve the relevance of modelling for addressing priority questions, refine models according to real-world contexts, and foster appropriate interpretation of research findings for policy and practice.

This growing, multidisciplinary forum includes over 150 members. The group sees balanced participation by modellers, other data scientists, epidemiologists, and public health professionals in varied roles, jurisdictions and sectors.

Discussion topics and resources centre on infectious disease priorities and populations. NCCID is a Canadian organization, so discussions often focus on Canadian public health issues. But, as these issues hold global relevance, the forum also benefits from participation by international members.

Value to members

Active participation in the forum allows members to:

  • Build new cross-disciplinary partnerships
  • Translate modelling research to practice
  • Access a diverse knowledge pool of professionals
  • Learn of new and emerging areas of research
  • Build more relevant models and respond to current public health priorities
  • Gain an understanding of which public health questions modelling can contribute to
  • Find new job postings and grant opportunities

We hope you join the mod4PH forum on LinkedIn and share news of the forum with your networks.