Use of Mathematical Modelling in Public Health Decision Making for Infectious Diseases

Co-hosted by Pan-InfORM & NCCID

On October 6-7, 2014 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Pan-InfORM and NCCID co-hosted the fourth bi-annual Pan-InfORM meeting. This workshop brought together public health policy makers and practitioners, knowledge brokers, and leading academic researchers and modellers to enhance cross-discipline communication by providing a forum where knowledge and exchange could flow freely. Together, we intended to lay the groundwork for developing a common language to be used in understanding the outcomes of health research and disease modelling, as well as the parameters, data, and assumptions that affect their use in public health policy and practice.

The meeting objectives were to bring more clarity to:

  1. areas where modelling results are unclear;
  2. how modelling can best be used in informing policy and improving practice; and
  3. the value of sustaining and enhancing the application of modelling in public health.

You can view the agenda and the presentations by clicking through to the program.

One of the outcomes of the workshop was a new discussion group, Modelling for Public Health (mod4PH). It is a multi-disciplinary discussion forum to promote greater clarity and understanding of mathematical modelling and its applications for public health decision-making for infectious disease prevention and control. It promotes collaboration and networking among public health professionals, modellers, infectious disease experts and others with an interest in bridging silos, developing a shared language, and making modelling more useful and relevant to current public health challenges. Conversations can be in English or in French. Please join and share our discussions freely!

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