Rethinking Chlamydia: How can public health STI teams manage the overwhelming caseload?

Dr. Heejune Chang and MD, MHP, CCMF, FRCPC

Today, the sheer volume of Chlamydia cases has made it unrealistic for many urban public health STI teams to follow up with everyone via case-and-contact. And with the incidence of Chlamydia cases only rising every year, some now wonder whether their efforts are even making a difference. Rather than try to find ways to see more cases, however, the reality is that public health STI teams must ultimately reduce their Chlamydia caseloads, or risk sacrificing more urgently needed follow-up for other STIs or outreach activities to high risk groups. In this webinar, Dr. Heejune Chang walked through the ways some public health STI teams have tried to prioritize cases or reduce their workloads in the face of overwhelming Chlamydia case volumes.

An archived version of this webinar, including the ensuing discussion with Dr. Chang, is now available for viewing. Please email us to request access.