Review of Provincial and Territorial Partner Notification Guidelines and Legislation for Sexually Transmitted and Blood Borne Infections

Publication Summary

This document is a national overview of the legislation, regulations and guidelines relevant to partner notification (contact tracing) in the management of STBBIs. It includes only information available on the web sites of the Provinces, Territories and the Public Health Agency of Canada. Constituencies were not contacted to validate the information or to provide additional off line information.

The sections of the document include the following:

1. An overview of the websites for the Provincial/Territorial Public Health Legislation; the regulations relevant to STBBIs and the guidelines and protocols available for the management of STBBI’s, specifically partner notification.

2. The regulations related to the legislation that address partner notification.

3. The case definitions for the specific STBBIs.

4. The recalcitrant sections of the legislation for non-complacency in mandated treatment regimes.

5. The partner notification parameters for each of the STBBIs.