A Mixed-Methods Approach to Addressing Challenges Related to STBBI Partner Notification in Canada: Consultation Proceedings

Publication Summary

In 2010, NCCID began a project examining the Canadian practice and experience of partner notification for STBBIs. It uses a mixed-methods approach to capture a wide range of evidence – both published and experiential. Components of this project include:

  • A review of provincial and territorial acts, regulations and protocols related to PN/contact tracing for STBBIs
  • A series of Evidence Reviews
  • A series of experiential reviews of practice in Canada
  • Mathematical modelling for evaluating the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of different models of contact tracing for chlamydia.

As part of this comprehensive project, a two-day consultation was held in Toronto on October 4 and 5, 2011. This report serves to reflect the proceedings of the consultation and as a springboard for further work in setting priorities by NCCID in this area.