Meenu K. Sharma

  • Tuberculosis Research Scientist, National Reference Centre (NRCM) for Mycobacteriology, National Microbiology Laboratories
  • Adjunct Professor, Medical Microbiology, Faculty of Graduate studies, University of Manitoba

From University of Manitoba site: “My research interests focus on mycobacterial pathogenicity with special interest in mycobacterial cell wall and host-immune response interaction. NRCM is a state of the art Containment Level III laboratory located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The program mandate is to provide esoteric diagnostic, surveillance and consultation services to the provincial health laboratories. Post-genomic research includes many diverse aspects of modern science, including laboratory based functional genomics which are aimed at detecting either messenger RNA or protein content of the cells and tissues. Characterization of the differences in the protein expression profiles between prevalent strains of M. tuberculosis would allow us to identify proteins which are present in one strain but absent in the other strain(s) or are up-regulated in one strain but down-regulated in the other strain(s). The outcome of this research will provide a better understanding of the role of mycobacterial virulence determinants.”