Keith R. Fowke

Keith Fowke, BSc(H), PhD, Head, Medical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, University of Manitoba

Dr. Fowke is currently cross appointed as a Professor in the U of M’s Department of Community Health Sciences and is a Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Medical Microbiology at the University of Nairobi. Dr. Fowke has established a vital, active research laboratory consisting of a technician, graduate students, postdoctoral and clinical fellows, research fellows, BSc (Med) and summer research students. The Viral Immunology Laboratory is currently focusing on three major areas of research: i) determining the immunological phenotype and genetic expression of CD4+ T-cells in individuals who are resistant to HIV infection or those who are infected but able to control their viral replication; ii) the role of immune activation and receptor polymorphisms in HIV disease progression; and, iii) defining the role of pre-existing humoral and cellular immunity to influenza (including H1N1) and disease outcomes as well as immune responses to vaccine and exposure. Dr. Fowke’s research has been recognized with the Ken Hughes Young Investigator award in 2005, a Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) New Investigator Award (2005-2010) and a Manitoba Research Chair from the Manitoba Health Research Council (2008-2013). Dr. Fowke has a particular interest in training young investigators and, in addition to supervising a number of graduate student and post-doctoral fellows, has helped organize a number of national and international workshops for young investigators and is principal investigator for the CIHR International Infectious Disease and Global Health Training Program. (From