Harpa Isfeld-Kiely

Senior Project Manager, NCCID

Supports the NCCID program through reviews of research, development of knowledge products, planning and implementation of knowledge synthesis and exchange forums and networks. Currently, managing a) a national, collaborative project on Influenza and Influenza-like Illness (ILI), which includes a synthesis of evidence on influenza vaccine efficacy, evidence on other primary prevention methods, and exploration of improved surveillance for ILI; b) a project concerning the measurement of the burden of infectious disease, which employs ILI as a test case, and begins with a critical exploration of the ‘burden of disease’ paradigm with a view to how it may be expanded to include more than clinical influences and outcomes; c) support of a national information sharing workshop on syphilis prevention and control, which aims to bring forward best practices and mechanisms for sustained knowledge exchange on integrative approaches to STI/BBPs.