Centre for Coastal Health

The Centre for Coastal Health (CCH) team has experience in using knowledge from a wide variety of settings to help turn research into action. From informing policy decisions to creating new international One Health self-assessment manuals, the CCH is gaining a growing reputation for translating and delivering knowledge to a wide variety of stakeholders. The educational experiences that come from having our team as current or former university educators has also been a great asset in helping the CCH distill and communicate information into usable knowledge. Increasingly, it is the ability to gather, integrate and communicate information that serves as the gateway to improving health at the interface of people, animals and the environment. The Centre for Coastal Health is poised at this gateway.

The CCH team is working evermore on trying to take the philosophy and methods born in academia to promote and protect health as a socio-ecological phenomenon and turn them into feasible, understandable and effective means to help people manage the health of interacting populations and their shared environment. We have only been able to build this capacity by having a dedicated and inquisitive staff of professionals at the CCH who are motivated to take on challenging problems head on.