Andrew Papadopoulos

Andrew Papadopoulos, BASc, MBA, PhD, CPHI(C), is an Associate Professor and Coordinator, Master of Public Health Program. He joined the Department of Population Medicine in July 2008. Previously, he was an Associate Professor and Director, School of Occupational and Public Health, Ryerson University. Much of his research is conducted in partnership with public health agencies and is focused on environmental public health, public health policy and administration, and the development and delivery of public health education. Andrew uses various quantitative and qualitative methodologies including conjoint analysis and economic epidemiology, to assess and improve population health. His professional experience includes being the Executive Director of the Association of Local Public Health Agencies, the organization that represents the 36 Boards of Health in Ontario, and working in local public health as a public health inspector. He continues to remain active within the public health system by sitting on numerous provincial and federal boards and committees. Andrew is currently the editor of the Environmental Health Review, the journal of the Canadian Institute of Public health Inspectors in Canada. Dr. Papadopoulos received his PhD (Population Medicine) from the University of Guelph, his MBA from York University, and his BASc (Environmental Health) from Ryerson University. (From

From site: “I have experience as a public health professional within a local public health agency, as an executive director with a public health association, and as an educator and administrator with two public health programs. My research interests centre on population health inventions by exploring and guiding public health policy development, program implementation, practice, and outcome evaluation, all with the purpose of creating a more effective, proactive public health system. I have a specific interest in the area of environmental public health issues, and public health governance and administration. Further, I have an interest in public health education both within a university and workplace setting. Please refer to the Selected Publications section to browse some of my recent research activities. My main research interests include: environmental public health; public health policy development, program implementation, practice, and outcome evaluation; public health governance, and administration; public health education.”