The Canadian Public Health Laboratory Network

Established in 2001, the Canadian Public Health Laboratory Network (CPHLN) is a national association of public health laboratory professionals which acts as a unified voice for federal and provincial member laboratories.

The role of CPHLN is to provide a forum for public health laboratory leaders to share knowledge in an atmosphere of trust. CPHLN leverages its combined strength to champion efforts in order to provide rapid and coordinated nationwide laboratory response to emerging and re-emerging communicable diseases such as SARS and pandemic influenza.

CPHLN recognizes the responsibility of public health laboratories (PHL) to safeguard the health of Canadians through the provision of surveillance and response capabilities which serve as the cornerstone for all public health professionals.


A healthier Canada through connected public health laboratories.


To strengthen Canada’s public health system through coordinated laboratory services and leadership.


To assure an integrated public health laboratory network response to infectious diseases that encompasses OneHealth.

CPHLN Network


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